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Carpet Care

Carpet cleaning in East Kilbride
If you have carpets in your home then sooner or later you will need some carpet cleaning. If you are in or near East Kilbride then you should call 01355 303811 for some professional carpet cleaning by Quality Carpet Care based in Jackton.[p1vc-video]

We cover East Kilbride and the surrounding areas. In fact our team has all over Lanarkshire to areas including East Kilbride, Thorntonhall, Clarkston, Busby, Blantyre, Hamilton, Motherwell, Glasgow, Strathaven, Eaglesham, Rutherglen, Cumberslang and beyond. We usually perform such services as rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We almost always get asked about carpet stain protection and deodorising just to maintain that fresh scent in your home after a good high standard cleaning from us, your friends from Quality Carpet Care. Call us today on 01355 303811 for a no obligation quote.

By hiring the services of the right local carpet cleaners, you get to lessen the waiting time and the anxiety burden that usually comes when you feel your home is not as clean as you may want it to be. We are efficient and always show up on time. We take pride in our punctuality reliability and workmanship, always doing what’s best for our clients. This has led to many recommendations, repeat business and loyal customers. We are honest with our customers and never promise what we cannot deliver.

Of course, to enjoy the expertise and convenience that quality carpet cleaners bring, you have to make sure that you are absolutely clear on what service you actually need and maybe the actual cleaning methods you prefer. We will always be upfront with you and discuss your options and quoting you accordingly.


We do not blurt out pricing without looking wat the job first. Experience has taught us that no two jobs are the same. In fact be very wary of people that have set pricing for your carpets. We all know that the depth and quality of carpets varies a lot and also where it is in the house will also determine the level of work required. How can anyone have a one-price-fits-all quote? This is all before we even discuss the dirt or stains on your rugs and how they were made. Was it muddy feet from pets or kids? Was it a wine spill when a party got out of hand? We always look first then quote.


As someone that has been in the carpet cleaning business for over 12 years servicing South Lanarkshire and surrounding areas we have heard many horror stories and seen it all. From damaged furniture and walls as chancers tried to do the job without the proper training or machinery to no-showers when the home owner was desperate for the job. We are fully insured and always show up on time to the job. Proff of insurance can be shown upon request. Just by its very nature, carpet requires machinery, shampoos, water, soaps, moving furniture around and chemical use or disposal. If the carpet cleaning business is not insured there is a lot that could go wrong and needs to be insured against. Most carpeted homes have carpets in most rooms and that means the whole house is in some sort of risk. Insurance is very important. Accidents do happen. We use the latest technology and always follow NCCA standards keeping you right. Do not fall into the traps of other home-owners we have had to “bail out”. Take care and choose the best carpet cleaners. Call us on 01355 303811.